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The Clootie Well ~ The Black Isle

What can I say about my visit to the Black Isle’s Clootie Well?

Well for me, it is a powerful place, and I will admit it also tends to give even me the spooks somewhat. But in saying that, I have visited the well several times and can say that it does have its own positive and unique healing energy. And I think it’s what surrounds the well that tends to give out slightly unsettling vibes.

Dating far back into pre-Christian times, the tradition at a Clootie Well includes the practice of leaving votive offerings (such as a personal item of clothing) to the local spirits or gods in wells and springs. With the arrival of Christianity, the practice was simply adopted to the new circumstances.

The Clootie Well is a remnant of an ancient tradition once commonly found in Scotland and Ireland. A tradition in which pilgrims would come and make offerings at the well, usually in the hope of having an illness cured.

I think this is the part that spooks me out — when you see so many ‘clooties,’ (or rags), hanging at a well you just can’t help to think of all those people that have made a prayer in the hope of having whatever ails them, or a friend or family member, cured.

The healing energy of the well is a powerful and good energy, and I use the water from the well to infuse my Tarot cards with that energy. Whenever I’m at a well I will fill a container with that magical water and use it to enhance and augment the healing power of my cards.

A Clootie well is a powerful energy, and an energy that should be tapped into wisely.

Magic and Love to all 🔮✨⭐️
Margaret x

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