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Avoch seashore ~ The Black Isle

It all seems another world ago, but before the March lockdown I took a trip up to my ancestral family home on the Black Isle, which is just north of Inverness.

Every time I go to the Isle I can feel its magical, healing energy being infused into my very soul. This energy is truly one-of-a-kind, and I know no other place like it.

I took a walk down the seafront where my granny’s old, white cottage still exists — now no. 48. I’m actually amazed it’s still there and even looks as if it hasn’t changed much. 😁

As you can see, Avoch a beautiful small Scots fishing village, with amazing scenery and views. It also has an old world charm that I hope it never, ever, loses. You should visit one day, your soul won’t regret it. 👻

Magic and Love to all 🔮✨⭐️
Margaret x

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