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The weird thing is that every time I have had a reading with Margaret, I have burst into tears after it. I cannot explain this. It’s as if Margaret...

Glasgow, Scotland
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Margaret, you change my way of seeing things, and in a very positive way ever since that very first day that I met you. And for that, I’m forever...

Maria Usitalo
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For a stranger who had not even known some 24 hours before that she would be giving me a personal reading, Margaret made a whole raft of observations...

Sandra Brown
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Margaret Solis has touched my life in so many ways that limiting my story to something relatively short will be nearly impossible....

Dina Schon
Los Angeles, California
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What a gift Margaret Solis has been in my life. I went to see her at a friend's house the first time over ten years ago in a time of great change in...

Isabel Barreto
Los Angeles, California
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The way you unfolded the map of the previously unknown, without any doubt, has turned out to be a treasured helping hand in my life....

Andrew Douglas Moore
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