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Fairy Glen Falls ~ The Black Isle

A mystical, and oh so very magical place on the Black Isle is Fairy Glen Falls, near the village of Rosemarkie.

A beautiful woodland path leads to the falls itself, where a small nature walk through the trees alongside a small stream will eventually lead you to the The Fairy Glen Falls. It really does feel like you set out on an adventure walking along the forest path, and one where you’re a kid again.

And once you get there… well, wow!!… it’s a magical sight — like something from a fairytale. ✨🧚🏻‍♀️⭐️

When you finally arrive at the falls, you can’t help but just stand under it’s awe and admire the view as you listen to the constant sound of it’s tumultuously frothy fairy water crashing down. You could call it a spirit soothant.

If you ever go, make a wish at the Fairy Falls. And it’s sure to come true.

Magic and Love to all 🔮✨⭐️
Margaret x

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