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Chanonry Point, Rosemarkie, The Black Isle

Whilst on my visit to my ancestral home — Scotland’s majestic Black Isle — I also stopped off at the areas most infamous landmark and where the ill-fated Celtic psychic, the Brahan Seer was executed — Chanonry Point.

The Seer would meet his untimely downfall for the practice of second sight in the 1600’s, i.e. for being a practising psychic. Thankfully it’s not the done thing these days. 😱

My mother’s side of the family is said to be descended from The Seer, who is known to have prophesied the Battle of Culloden, the Highland Clearances, the building of the Caledonian Canal and the discovery of North Sea oil.

The, often blustery, Chanonry Point lies at the end of Chanonry Ness, a spit of land extending into the Moray Firth between Fortrose and Rosemarkie, and not far from Avoch, on the Black Isle. And so, it is exposed to the elements of sea, wind and tides, on many sides. (as you can see from the pics, it was very windy when I was there 😅)

It has a beautiful scenic viewing area beside the lighthouse, and a stone marks to spot where the Seer was put to death by burning tar (ouch!). The inscription reads:

“This stone commemorates the legend of Coinneach Odhar better known as the BRAHAN SEER. Many of his prophecies were fulfilled and tradition holds that his untimely death by burning in tar followed his final prophecy of the doom of the house of Seaforth.”

Understandably, I didn’t want to hang around there for too long. All I can say is that the chills I was experiencing when I stood at that spot wasn’t from the icy wind that was blowing in from the sea!

Magic and Love to all 🔮✨⭐️
Margaret x

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