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Your Stars and Horoscopes for the next two weeks ~ 18th December to 1st January 2024

By Margaret Solis.

Find out what your future holds with your weekly Margaret Solis psychic stars and horoscope…

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus ♉️ / Virgo ♍️ / Capricorn ♑️  

THEME: Enjoy each day as it comes 😊. 

TAURUS: There’s lots of fun during the next few days and you will realise how much you are appreciated. 💕. If not, you may have to stop and think about what you want from life 🤔. I think these last three years have taught you to finally take that step forward and be all you can be regardless of what anyone else thinks. 😊. This is your life, live it to the best of your ability and you won’t be disappointed. 🌟

VIRGO: Lots of final decisions you have recently made will be successful, especially on a professional level. 💵. That will include possible travel — short and long distance. 🛫🎅🏻. There’s also some really lovely news regarding children or babies 👶 which you are not expecting. 😮. Well, it is Christmas! 🤶. Financially, stop worrying. It’s all going to be more than ok. 💵🌟. 

CAPRICORN: You are full of optimism. Which is fantastic! And all those plans you made are definitely going to work out… much to your amazement! 😅. Professional help is at hand however, if you want to reassure anyone close of your next step 🌟. Be careful with the sweet stuff — you might need a quick visit to the dentist 😮. 

TAROT CARD: The Six of Cups — Expect unexpected invitations, especially if you are single. ❤️. Children steal the show linked to music. 🎸🎹🎼🎤. 

•  •  •

AIR SIGNS:  Aquarius ♒️ / Gemini ♊️ / Libra ♎️  

THEME: A spiritual awareness for many of you. 🙏🔮🌟. 

AQUARIUS: Get those old records on and remember all the times of laughter and happiness. 🎼😀. Guess what, they are still here. So get moving and show these young ones how it’s done. 😀🌟. It’s time to shine and sparkle like never before. 💃🏻. You can look forward to a year of major changes. And all in your favour by making the right decisions once and for all. 🤔❤️. A few niggles linked to health will be resolved quickly and successfully. 😅. 

GEMINI: A lucky time and one surprise after another could be a bit overwhelming. 😅. Just remember you deserve the best. 🌟. There is a lucky streak coming up, so finances should be much better than you expected 💰.  Accept an unexpected gift with grace. 🎁. 

LIBRA: You are so good at surprises that even you are startled by some people’s reactions. 😉. It will be a busy festive couple of weeks but you will sail through it flawlessly. As you do. 😅🌟. There could be some unexpected visitors so make sure you are prepared for any emergencies. 🥂🍾 . There’s also some good news regarding work and possible expansion in the most unlikely of places if you are up for it. 🤔. There’s genuine advice from a trusted colleague who is on the same page. 😀🌟.   Your self-awareness and intuition is at an all-time high. Use it wisely. 🙏🔮🌟. 

TAROT CARD: The Star — Hopes, wishes and dreams can come true. 🙏🌟❤️🎅🏻. 

•  •  •

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries  ♈️ / Leo ⛎ / Sagittarius ♐️

THEME: Financially, it’s better than you could imagine. 💵🌟. 

ARIES: You may be feeling over-emotional for a few days so just sit down and take a breath. 💆‍♀️. Remember, you can do anything. But you can’t do everything. 😅. There’s lots going on and there’s definitely one surprise you are about to receive that could be the answer to all your dreams coming true. 💫.  Take back your own control. 💪. 

LEO: Lots of new and exciting opportunities are waiting for you, so don’t loose faith in what you truly want — personally and professionally — as you are more than capable of achieving both. 🌟😀. A second chance emotionally should not be wasted. ❤️. Just make sure it’s what you want 🔮. 

SAGITTARIUS: A busy, but very rewarding, time for all. And you will be in your element, especially around close family, partners and friends. 💕🌟. You are definitely the hostess with the mostess. 🎉🥂🌟. The year ahead is particularly successful, especially if you are thinking of upgrading your professional status. 💫. This could be through new technologies — eg. iPad, website, etc. which will feel like a total transformation, and much easier on your time. 💫🌟💵. 

TAROT CARD: The Five of Wands — Get all paperwork sorted and ready for the year ahead. Especially if you are thinking of an important move. 🏡. ❤️

•  •  •

WATER SIGNS:  Pisces ♓️ / Cancer ♋️ / Scorpio ♏️

THEME: The ball is in your court. Make it work. 💪🌟. 

PISCES: Your favourite time of the year is here. Even although some of you haven’t been feeling it. 😌🧑‍🎄. This will pass, as exciting news is on the way regarding health and happiness linked to family and friends. Especially if they have been struggling. 🙏🌟. There’s also reconciliation which is important to everyone concerned. 😅. It’s time to be happy, living the best life you can. ❤️🌟. There could also be plans to travel to the sun. And sooner than you think. 🌞🛫. 

CANCER: You will be having an extra special time over the next few weeks as everything comes together, in more ways than one. 😅. The first will be a huge relief regarding work as you are taken seriously and where you will feel very much valued and trusted as a colleague 🌟💵. The second is linked to your partner’s family and friends who will surround you with love. And that’s basically all you need. ❤️🌟. Then come the surprises… one after another. 🎁🛫🌟🥂. 

SCORPIO: You are determined to really enjoy the next few weeks and, surprisingly, travel is on your mind. 🛫🚘. You won’t be too sure of dates, but maybe it’s time to throw caution to the wind and go for what you really want. 😀🌟. Unexpected invitations could be confusing. So take your time and think things through before making any decisions. 🤔. Could be lucky with the lotto. 🍀. 

TAROT CARD: The Queen of Swords — Determination, willpower and unexpected help will see you reach your goal in life. ❤️🌟

•  •  •

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