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Your Stars and Horoscopes for the next two weeks ~ 4th to 18th December 2023

By Margaret Solis.

Find out what your future holds with your weekly Margaret Solis psychic stars and horoscope…

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus ♉️ / Virgo ♍️ / Capricorn ♑️  

THEME: A new source of income is easier than it sounds 💰. 

TAURUS: Time to watch your spending as you are known for your generosity. Maybe it’s time to cut back slightly, and more importantly, to treat yourself for a change. 🛍. Professionally, there’s some interesting surprises and a promotion could be offered with exciting financial rewards. Just exactly when you need it. 🎄💵. VIRGO: Don’t take too long in making plans for the festivities, as you can see already that you are not going to please everyone. 🤔. You can’t be in two places at the one time, so just decide where you most want to be as partners and family also need to make their plans. 😊. 🎄🎉.  CAPRICORN: If you have been trying to get fit or slimmer then most of you have achieved your goal. But for others just carry on… you are nearly there. 💪🌟. Most of you will leave everything to the last minute. But there seems to be a change in you this year and you are on mission to make everything perfect for all your guests. 🥂🎄🌟. Just make sure you put your ‘out of office’ message on. 😅. 

TAROT CARD: The Knight of Wands — Be prepared for an unexpected visitor who will definitely be ready to join, or start, the party. 🎉🎄🎅🏻. 

•  •  •

AIR SIGNS:  Aquarius ♒️ / Gemini ♊️ / Libra ♎️  

THEME: Make it happen now. ❤️🌟. 

AQUARIUS: You will all be looking forward to a hopefully happy time with partners, family and friends. Just don’t take sides in any argument that doesn’t involve you. 🙄. It will blow over and it will clear the air at least. 🙏. For many, you can look forward to an amazing time and an unforgettable unusual promise from someone special. ❤️🥂🎄🎅🏻.  GEMINI: Time to check your to do list as you may have forgotten something you keep remembering, but didn’t write it down ✍️. It’s busy at work and you will be wondering if you are going to get everything done?  🤔. This is when you surprise yourself the most. And totally surpass even your own expectations. 🌟🎄🎅🏻. LIBRA: A really great start to the next two weeks for all signs of Libra. 🌟. It’s surprising to you how everything just falls into place, much to your relief. Especially as your energy levels have just dipped slightly. 😌. Time to get some proper sleep 😴. The next two weeks you will most certainly be in your element as you plan surprises for all your family and special friends.  🎉🥂. A Christmas to remember. 🎄🎅🏻❤️. 

TAROT CARD: The Magician — The icing on the cake will be when your finances take a definite turn for the better. 💰🎅🏻.  

•  •  •

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries  ♈️ / Leo ⛎ / Sagittarius ♐️

THEME: Look forward to an amazing few weeks with lots of successes. Professionally and emotionally.❤️🌟. 

ARIES: You, for once, may be either well-organised, or in a complete flux. 😅. Don’t worry, as you seem to have a new plan up your sleeve and it should resolve many of your worries with the generous help from someone close. 😅. Try and keep all your appointments, especially medical, as this will put your mind at rest so you can enjoy this festive time with those who matter. 🎄🎅🏻.  LEO: It’s going to be busier than you at first anticipated, so make some space in that busy diary of yours as visitors could arrive out of the blue. 😀. Make sure you also tie up some loose ends at work as superiors are looking for answers now. 🤔. Then you can enjoy your well-earned break.🎄🎅🏻.  SAGITTARIUS: A bit hectic to say the least. But, as always, you make everything relaxed and welcoming for everyone. Even those who change the plan slightly. 😅🤔. Just remember, you need to relax as well. So an early beauty gift is lovely, and one of many surprises🎅🏻. Youngsters make your day towards the second week 🎄. Some dreams do come true and sooner than you think.🎅🏻🎄🌟. 

TAROT CARD: The Knight of Pentacles — Stand your ground regarding work as an interesting increase financially is on the cards ♦️.🎉.

•  •  •

WATER SIGNS:  Pisces ♓️ / Cancer ♋️ / Scorpio ♏️

THEME: Be determined and positive about your future as it’s looking very good and more relaxing ❤️🎄🌟.  

PISCES: Your favourite magical time of the year Pisces, but very emotional for many as you remember with love those who are not here for one reason, or another. ❤️. This, however, will not hold you back as you will probably over-indulge your family and friends with kindness and love. 🎅🏻💕. Youngsters are a joy to be around, so make it count. Even if they are overexcited. 🎅🏻. It’s time to chill and let your destiny happen. 🥂🎅🏻❤️.  CANCER: FREEDOM is your call and you are going to be so glad when these two manic weeks are over — linked to work 😅. The feeling of achievement though is the best. 🌟💫. Unexpected travel could have you in a panic as there could be a slight delay but it’s temporary. 😅. You are in for lots of surprises especially linked to abroad. 🛫🎄🎅🏻. SCORPIO: Stop panicking as everything and all your plans are under control. 🤔. There’s a few odds and ends you have to take care of professionally which will enable you to relax and enjoy the festivities. Accept those invitations, get out there and make some special memories with those who mean a lot to you. ❤️🥂🎅🏻. 

TAROT CARD: The Knight of Cups — An invitation from someone new should not be ignored. 🥂🎄🌟. 

•  •  •

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