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Your Stars and Horoscopes for the next two weeks ~ 27th May to 10th June 2024

By Margaret Solis.

Find out what your future holds with your weekly Margaret Solis psychic stars and horoscope…

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus ♉️ / Virgo ♍️ / Capricorn ♑️  

THEME: Don’t let the past ruin your future. 🌟🌞. 

TAURUS: Don’t believe all you hear this week as someone is being very economical with the truth. 🤔. This could be linked to work and your first instincts are spot on, so trust them. 🔮🌟. Getting back to a healthy eating plan and quitting those bad habits are essential to your overall well-being for sure and now is the perfect time to start. 🤐. 

VIRGO: An up and down two weeks when the ups will eventually get better and the downs will disappear. So don’t despair, as it’s looking better than you think. 😅. Maybe it’s time for that holiday and well earned rest. 🥂. 

CAPRICORN: The best laid plans sometimes have to be changed and these next two weeks you will prove not just to yourself but to others just how assertive and adaptable you can be. 🌟💫. An important decision however should not be rushed. 🤔. 

TAROT CARD: The Four of Pentacles — The acquisition of more is certainly an option, especially linked to expanding on property. 🏡.  

•  •  •

AIR SIGNS:  Aquarius ♒️ / Gemini ♊️ / Libra ♎️  

THEME: Follow your dreams. 💫🌟❤️. 

AQUARIUS: You could get bogged down in paperwork or just deal with it at your own pace. Which may I say, would be more successful and satisfying from a professional point of view. 😅. A feeling of freedom is hard to beat, but someone close has a big and beautiful surprise in store just for you. 💫. 

GEMINI: Don’t shoot the messenger, as they say. Stay calm and professional and you will definitely come out on top when a call or letter arrives out of the blue. 💫. Getting involved with like-minded people is certainly worth pursuing for personal benefits 😍. 

LIBRA: A harmonious two weeks ahead for many and you should definitely not regret taking some extra time for yourself as this will enable you to recharge your precious and creative brain 🤩. Love, health and financial gain is the order of the day. Especially around partners and youngsters. 🌟. 

TAROT CARD: The King of Swords — A professional man will help solve an on-going problem with a couple of employees. 😅. 

•  •  •

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries  ♈️ / Leo ⛎ / Sagittarius ♐️

THEME: Believe in yourself. You are worth it. 🌟. 

ARIES: You will feel as if everything is perfectly balanced these next two weeks, much to your success and relief. 😅. Don’t rest on your laurels, however, as there’s still lots of work to do. Especially in your professional life. 💰. A dear wish could come true for many of you 🙏🌟. 

LEO: The more ambitious your plans to travel, the happier you will be. Especially with people you care about. Stick to your guns when dealing with members of the opposite sex linked to your work as I think they are testing your boundaries. Most of them may be a little (or totally) surprised by your response. 🤔. 

SAGITTARIUS: Some of your money worries will be over if you are brave enough to seal the deal regarding your professional life. ✍️. Not many of these opportunities come along very often so take a chance and go for it. 💰💫. Property is highlighted for some and it could be in an unusual place. 🏡. Any health problems are short lived. ❤️. 

TAROT CARD: The Six of Wands — Be prepared for some unexpected and exciting new travel plans. 🛫. 

•  •  •

WATER SIGNS:  Pisces ♓️ / Cancer ♋️ / Scorpio ♏️

THEME: Progress, not perfection. 🌟. 

PISCES: It feels like you just want to get up and go. Which is possible and positive if it’s for the right reasons. 🤔. Professionally, however, you may have some commitments that cannot be avoided if you are to benefit from them financially. 💰. There’s also a whole new opening for you linked to love ❤️💫. 

CANCER: Decisions, decisions which are linked to your work. 🤔. What you have to work out is what you want the end result to be for long term success and happiness. 💫💰. I wouldn’t be surprised if you ripped up an original plan and started a completely new and braver one… which will of course succeed. 🤩💫💰. 

SCORPIO: Overspending could be becoming a habit that you most definitely have to curb. 🤨. It’s only temporary but you will feel so much more in control personally with some financial back-up behind you. 😅. Buying and selling will be unusually successful. 💰. Just don’t celebrate too early. 😬. 

TAROT CARD: The Three of Pentacles — The signing of important documents should be done quickly. ✍️💫. 

•  •  •

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