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Your Stars for the week ahead ~ 21 NOVEMBER 2022

By Margaret Solis.

Find out what your future holds with your weekly Margaret Solis psychic stars and horoscope…

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus ♉️ / Virgo ♍️ / Capricorn ♑️  

Most Earth signs could be feeling a bit left out which of course is not true and all in your imagination. 🤔. A twist of fate however could make you the centre of attention 🌟. TAURUS: Maybe it’s time for you to make the first move linked to work and friendships 😊.  Troublesome youngsters need to be put in their place. 🤨.  VIRGO: You are all over the place this week so try and keep calm as help is on its way. 😅. Special times are ahead and you will wonder why you were so worried. 😃. CAPRICORN: There’s going to be lots of discussions with close family regarding an unexpected move which turns out to be much better than you expected. 💫🎉. 

TAROT CARD: The Queen of Swords — Determination and honesty wins the day 🌟. Don’t be afraid to go it alone. 💪. 

•  •  •

AIR SIGNS:  Aquarius ♒️ / Gemini ♊️ / Libra ♎️  

For some Air signs it’s time to spread your wings and do some of the things that you keep putting off. 🦋. Get in touch with those special people who matter and make some magic memories. 🌟. AQUARIUS: It will all depend on how you handle your finances over the next few weeks whether one of your dreams becomes a reality. 💵💕. GEMINI: Investments and property abroad could be on your mind, especially if it’s in your favourite island. 🏖🎼. Make a wish it could come true. 🧞‍♂️. LIBRA: Kind-hearted, genuine and generous to a fault. 🌟. You will be surprised as an unexpected journey leads to an amazing change in fortune. 💵. 

TAROT CARD: The High Priestess — Your desire to be more takes you to the top. 💫🌟. 

•  •  •

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries  ♈️ / Leo ⛎ / Sagittarius ♐️

If you could you would be seriously taking another break from work as the pressure builds for you to meet major targets. 🤔  I wouldn’t be too worried as you are just about to hit the bullseye. 🎯.  ARIES: Lady Luck is shining brightly for you this week so now is the time to take that chance and really go for what you truly want.  LEO: All your previous hard work seems to be paying off as an offer of foreign travel seems to be part of a well-earned reward. 🌟💫.  SAGITTARIUS: Oh, now we are talking! As you take control of everything that your brain and experience needs to move forward with huge benefits professionally and emotionally. 💵❤️. 

TAROT CARD: The Two of Cups — This card represents love, harmony and celebrations with very important people. 💕🎉. 

•  •  •

WATER SIGNS:  Pisces ♓️ / Cancer ♋️ / Scorpio ♏️

There’s a great sense of harmony and feeling so much better about your life that it will make you much more confident and optimistic about your immediate and long term future. 🌟.  PISCES: New starts, new opportunities linked to work which could eventually see you in the public eye. 🎥. Admirers there are a few. 😉❤️.  CANCER: There’s lots of new and daring plans in your head which may I say once revealed will be a huge success. 🔮🌟. Just don’t sit on them too long. 💥. Trust it.🌟.  SCORPIO: It feels like you are reminiscing about your past at the moment 🤔. Don’t be too hard on yourself as it’s made you YOU… and a much better version. 😅. 

TAROT CARD: The Ace of Swords — Time to cut away any negativity from your life and look forward to happiness. ❤️💫. 

•  •  •

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