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Your Stars for the week ahead ~ 1 AUGUST 2022

By Margaret Solis.

Find out what your future holds with your weekly Margaret Solis psychic stars and horoscope…

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus ♉️ / Virgo ♍️ / Capricorn ♑️  

It’s a very positive and fruitful week for all Earth signs which you should take full advantage of. 🌟. There’s great success linked to interviews and the passing of important tests or exams which will in the long run be financially rewarding for all. 🤓💰. TAURUS: Stop being stubborn, as the only person losing out is yourself 🤔. Flexibility is key to your happiness and some positive but necessary communication saves the day. 😅💕. VIRGO: It feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders as partners and close friends help you celebrate either an awesome promotion or by you finally deciding to become self-employed 🌟💰. CAPRICORN: It’s a making your mind up kinda time about travel and especially for how long 🤔. Ireland seems to be very important for some 🍀. 

TAROT CARD: The Emperor — This card represents taking charge and being in full control of any situation that arises regarding your career for a positive outcome.💫. 

•  •  •

AIR SIGNS:  Aquarius ♒️ / Gemini ♊️ / Libra ♎️  

Decisions you make this week could have a lasting effect on how successful you can be in the coming months, especially around your family and where you want to live. 🏡.  Abroad could be very tempting?🌞.  AQUARIUS: It’s time to start again and clear any negativity from your head. 🧘. I don’t think you get enough credit for all the hard work you do so it’s time to look after number one. YOU. 🌟❤️.  GEMINI: Always at the ready for any new and exciting opportunities that may come your way. 😀. This is a week full of them so go get them tiger. 🐅 .💫.  LIBRA: You won’t believe how lucky you are going to be this week and in the coming few months. 🍀. Not just emotionally but financially too. ❤️💰. 

TAROT CARD: The King of Pentacles — This card represents all forms of financial dealings with great success. 💵. Probably it’s time for a big  treat. 🥂🎉🎼. 

•  •  •

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries  ♈️ / Leo ⛎ / Sagittarius ♐️

It’s back to reality for most Fire signs as August kicks in this week with a passion especially linked to work 🤔. The good news is that’s there’s still lots of fun to be had, especially around the younger members of your family who definitely don’t ever disappoint 🎉.  ARIES: travel to and from new places is highlighted in a week that’s full of personal determination 😲. Don’t however believe all you hear regarding a work colleague. 🤭.  LEO: Success comes in many shapes and forms so don’t be put off by the first impression of a certain newcomer who is about to arrive in your circle of friends. 😎. SAGITTARIUS: Your hidden talents are about to emerge meaning there’s more to you than meets the eye. 👁. You just need to believe in yourself more and be more confident about your future and what you truly want. 🔮. 

TAROT CARD: The Six of Cups — One of my favourite cards. ♥️. Children playing happily in a new garden which could mean you find that new house if you are looking 😍.🏡. 

•  •  •

WATER SIGNS:  Pisces ♓️ / Cancer ♋️ / Scorpio ♏️

Most Water signs could find themselves in a much better position regarding their work with the amazing possibility of enhancing their financial situation to a much higher level. 💵.  PISCES: A lighthearted week lies ahead for many of you so join in with anyone celebrating and have some much needed fun. 🎉🎼. There’s also good news regarding someone’s health improvement. 😅.  CANCER: Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so keep calm as it looks like all your plans will eventually happen in more ways than one. 💫🌟. An unexpected gift 🎁 could put your heart rate up for sure.❤️. SCORPIO: A busy week and you personally will be making sure everyone joins in to help. 🙂. News of a new baby just makes all the hard work and preparations worthwhile. 💙. 

TAROT CARD: The Ace of Pentacles — Financial gain and new opportunities regarding serious work commitments will be to your advantage in all areas of your life. 💰🌟. 

•  •  •

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