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At the age of nine she recalls seeing her mother at the kitchen sink, her hands covered in blood, Margaret cried and told her mother what she saw, but on close inspection there was no blood on her Mother’s hands only soap suds. A week later, at exactly the same time, her mother was again standing at the sink and this time the blood was real. Her Mother had just delivered a baby boy on the stair. Her hands were really covered in blood from the birth.

For generations Margaret’s family have been gifted with second sight. Through her mother's side of the family she can trace her lineage back to Scotland’s great psychic, The Brahan Seer Of Lewis, who predicted the highland clearance’s, the opening of the Caledonian Canal, oil rigs and acid rain. Margaret’s own predictions are no less astounding. She foresaw the horror of the Piper Alpha and Lockerbie disasters, predicted the Royal divorce the very day Diana married Charles and has helped police solve murders.

With her unfailing accuracy and larger than life personality, Margaret caught the Media’s attention and soon secured both her own radio show and newspaper column, an appearance on Scottish Women and a starring role in a BBC documentary. While continuing to base herself in Glasgow the news of her incredible insight has travelled well overseas with Margaret now regularly reading clients from all around the world.


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Socially Distanced ~ Virtual Personal Psychic Reading

Each and every one of us are dealing with the effects of CoronaVirus in our own way. These are tough times, but I know we are going to get through and the sun will shine brighter on the other side.

Personally, I see people every day during my psychic readings, where physical closeness is normal through the handling and also the exchange of energy with the Tarot Cards.

As such, I am stopping all in person psychic readings for the moment. Instead, I am switching to only Virtual Personal Psychic Readings through SKYPE — FACETIME — WHATSAPP — or — FB MESSENGER.

I have been doing these readings for a number of years now with national and international clients that are as far afield as L.A., New York, Dubai, Russia, Australia, Spain and many more countries.

These readings are identical to what I would normally do face to face and there really is no difference… except that I pick out the Tarot Cards.

If you’d like to book a Virtual Psychic Reading, or for more info, call me Monday to Friday between 1pm — 3pm and also between 6.30pm — 7.30pm on 0141 632 2554.

For international calls it’s: +44 141 632 2554

Stay safe, take care, and be wise everyone.

Margaret Solis X

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